Joining NVDGA


NVDGA Membership


Anyone who owns or has an interest in dairy goats is welcome to become a member of NVDGA. Extensive goat knowledge is not a requirement! Whether you're interested in getting your first goat or you have a herd of 100 you are welcome in NVDGA. Our members are happy to share knowledge with those new and experienced in goats. We encourage questions to help promote the goat. 

Members receive email news updates from us on our annual show and other items of interest; all while gaining access to a supportive, fun, goat loving group of all ages. 

There are four levels of membership: Single, Family, Junior, and Friends of NVDGA. We encourage you to read about each of the membership categories and pick one that best fits you.

Single Membership

 A single membership is designed for one adult, 18 years of age or older. This membership has one vote and costs $12 per year. 

Family Membership

 A family membership is for a family with two or more voting-aged members. This membership has two votes attached to it and costs $20 per year. 

Junior Membership

 A junior membership is offered to those under 18 at a reduced rate. This membership has no voting privileges and costs only $5 per year. 

Friends of NVDGA

 Friends of NVDGA is ideal for those wishing to be a part of the organization but are unable to attend meetings regularly because of living too far away. Friends  are given the same benefits as members except for a lack of voting privileges. The cost of a Friends of NVDGA membership is offered at a reduced rate of $10 per year. 

Have questions?

If you have any questions about the club, what we do, or how membership might look for you just let us know! A current member would be happy to talk to you about their experience with NVDGA. 

How to Join

Joining is easy! Fill out the form below and return it and your membership dues to the club's P.O Box shown on our home page. 

NVDGA Member Application (pdf)