NVDGA Scholarship


About the Scholarship


NVDGA is proud to offer a scholarship to students enrolled in or applying to an accredited college, vocational, or technical school. Scholarship winnings must be returned to NVDGA if the applicant does not attend an accredited school within 12 months of being awarded the scholarship.

The amount to be awarded each year will be up to $1,000.00. The scholarship committee will be made up of 5 NVDGA members unrelated to any applicants. This committee will judge the applications received based on the merit of each applicant, and then decide the number and value of scholarships to be awarded.

Each year, scholarships will be given out on the merit of current applications and not be affected by prior years' applications. An applicant may apply each year they qualify for the scholarship, but may only receive money 3 times.

Application Deadline

Applications must be postmarked by Saturday, June 16, or turned in at the NVDGA June meeting  

Scholarship Application

NVDGA Scholarship Application (pdf)